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Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls


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the debut album from the much tipped alabama shakes on rough trade. this is one of the few bands where you actually have to believe the hype. alabama shakes are a four-piece soul band from athens, georgia. they describe their music as "just like going to a rock 'n' roll church." alabama shakes recorded the album at the bomb shelter in nashville, producing and mixing it themselves. the sound is swampy dirty south rock, blues, and soul delivered with punk rock fervor. it's organic, soulful and emotional. singer-guitarist brittany howard's deeply emotive vocals are what has helped this band turn so many heads. she manages to encapsulate the sound of marvin gaye, janis joplin and jack white all into one. 2012 will be ruled by the alabama shakes.

description from www.roughtrade.com