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Schaus - Handshake

Schaus - Handshake


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Handshake is a machine for lost moments and lingering regrets, an artifice built on romantics’ nostalgia and 90’s pop sympathies. As the record starts, Schaus’ voice pours in from the aether - a trembling, protean, expressive warble - weaving together the landscape of his memory in a language that’s equal parts esoteric and facile. The songs, built on bouncy keyboards, brooding synthetic bass, and hazy, absentminded guitars, predict and subsequently confound expectations of pop conventions. Schaus stalls, dodges, jukes, and jolts. Handshake inspires active listening; it holds you in rapt attention like the pulsing ellipses preceding a lover’s text.

Them There present Schaus with his debut LP, Handshake. 9 expertly crafted songs about life & technology that are at once deeply absorbing and playfully skittish.