About Jam

Jam is a shabby and quite groovy, flock wallpapered shop stuffed with comfy sofas, formica and battered old standard lamps for that lived in feel. On the High Street in what the marketeers might call Falmouth’s old quarter… truly a street with no chains but all the best shops. Is it record shop? is it a cafe? yes it is...

Born in the spring of 2003 we have been bringing an esoteric collection of music, film and art to locals and visitors alike – not to mention exceptional coffee and some nice biscuits too.

One of a dying breed of old fashioned record shops (with actual records in it) Jam aims to share our finds in new and old music – we stock what we like and hope some other people may like it too (or we won’t make any money)

On the site here we’re just selling the music for now but if you find yourself nearby anytime do call in and see what else is on offer. One of our customers called it a culture shop – sort of like the Culture Show but without Lauren Laverne popping up every five minutes. As well as some outstanding musical treasures on cd and vinyl there’s art, photography and design books and journals; contemporary fiction at great prices; a selection of independent and foreign film on dvd and as we said some rather special coffee.

and a few words from one of our supporters - local music promoter, musician, writer, part time staff member and all round lovely bloke ... over to you David....

Record Store Day isn’t till April 18th, but we’ve got an early announcement. My favourite record shop in all of England, one I happen to work at once a week, has just launched a website where you can buy cd and vinyl albums by the kind of bands Lono has been bringing down to Penryn and Falmouth.

Jam, on Falmouth’s old High St had a big part to play in our beginnings. Right now I’m sitting in the shop, listening to a new Jack Rose record. On one of our very early music nights he played in this room to 40 people, just a few yards from where I am now. I moved to Falmouth when I was 19 and in those past six years the weird and wonderful and downright legendary records that find their way to these shelves have been shaping my tastes, inspiring me and exposing me to new things.

Now, by nature many people who are reading this aren’t too far away and could perhaps come browse, but if you’re looking for a new record and you usually stop by your local screen to look for it, then you can still keep it local. Jam operates on a small and personal scale, and this will be reflected in the many handwritten reviews that will accompany audio clips and images of the music available.

And despite there being a copy of Harvest Moon on the wall for a fiver, and some vinyl and cd copies of the new Bill Callahan winging their way to the old high st, that doesn’t mean you won’t be finding the latest obscure Acid Mothers Temple disc or a brand new compilation of obscure Pakistani electro pop from the 70’s.....

If you’re from further abroad, then come take a look all the same, or take a trip to Cornwall. We haven’t got everything, but we’ve got some damn fine somethings, and you don’t need everything anyway.