Chastity Belt - Live Laugh Love

Chastity Belt - Live Laugh Love

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First Studio Album Since 2019.

First LP Pressing On 180g Cloudy Vinyl, LP Includes 11x17 Folded Poster, Printed Inner sleeve & DL.

Engineered By Samur Khouja (Cate Le Bon, Feist). Mastered By Heba Kadry (Bjork, Slowdive). Design By Julia Shapiro.

In their decade-plus together, the four-piece Julia Shapiro (guitar, vocals), Lydia Lund (guitar, vocals), Gretchen Grimm (drums, vocals), and Annie Truscott (bass, vocals)—have created a resonant body of work. Live Laugh Love is a natural continuation. Against the bizarre backdrop of the past few years, Chastity Belt remained a supportive space for the members to grow and experiment, drawing on the ingredients most essential to their process since the beginning: authenticity and levity. Recorded over three sessions in as many years (January 2020, November 2021 and 2022), the focus became more about enjoying their time together in the studio than making it feel like work. Their ease and familiarity with engineer Samur Khouja in LA, who also recorded their last album, made for a particularly enjoyable process. Once completed, they returned to renowned engineer Heba Kadry who mastered the album.