Dur-Dur Band Int. - The Berlin Session

Dur-Dur Band Int. - The Berlin Session

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In the last decade many early recordings of Somalia's Funk, Soul and Disco scene

have been reissued, fnding their way into the vinyl collections of music fans

outside the Somali community, as well as radio and streaming playlists. But this

record is different.

 'The Berlin Session' by Dur-Dur Band Int. is not a reissue; it is the first new studio

recording by a full group from Somalia since the country's golden era of music

ended three decades ago. 'The Berlin Session' captures a historic reunion which

took place in Germany's capital in 2019: Dur-Dur Band Int. together with legendary

singers Xabiib Sharaabi (who lives in exile in Sweden), Cabdinuur Alaale (from

Djibouti) and London-based Fadumina Hilowle. Previously heard on reissues such

as the Grammy-nominated compilation 'Sweet As Broken Dates', these are living

representatives of a distinct era. There may be over three decades between the

original and new recordings but 'The Berlin Session' is proof that Somali music is

hot, funky and alive - again.