James Yorkston - The Year of The Leopard

James Yorkston - The Year of The Leopard

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Available 7th July 2023.

2LP - Black Vinyl Reissue housed in a Gatefold Sleeve with printed inner sleeves and digital download card. Signed by JY.

The Year of the Leopard (2006), was produced by Rustin Man. Drowned in Sound said, "Yorkston’s voice is red-wine warm and perfectly at ease with itself, filling each track to the brim with understated honesty", while Alexis Petridis, writing in The Guardian, said, "this is music that slowly charms rather than immediately stuns you, taking time to work its way under your skin. Once there, however, its lovely, understated melodies, autumnal arrangements and warm, wry lyrics...are virtually impossible to shift."

This re-issue is on 2x12" and includes two tracks not originally available on
 the CD issue.

Side A
1. Summer Song
2. Steady As She Goes
3. The Year Of The Leopard

Side B
1. 5 a.m.
2. Woozy With Cider (Original)
3. I Awoke

Side C
1. The Brussels Rambler
2. Orgiva Song
3. Don't Let Me Down

Side D
1. Us Late Travellers
2. I Acknowledge the Devil
3. Buzzard