Khruanggbin - A La Sala

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Texas-based Thai funk and psychedelic trio Khruangbin are back with another much anticipated new album in the form of A La Sala. The record presents a mesmerizing blend of psychedelic rock, funk, and world music influences that showcases the band's signature hypnotic grooves. Each one is characterized by Laura Lee's funky basslines, Mark Speer's intricate guitar work, and Donald "DJ" Johnson's precise drumming. Tracks like 'Farolim De Felgueiras' and 'A Love International' exude a laid-back vibe, perfect for lazy summer afternoons, while 'Juegos Y Nubes' infuses Latin rhythms with a psychedelic twist. Overall, A La Sala is another rich journey through diverse musical landscapes that reaffirm Khruangbin's reputation as masters of genre fusion and purveyors of sonic bliss.