Olafur Arnalds - Some Kind of Peace

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Ólafur Arnalds announces his most revealing album to date, ‘some kind of peace’ (released November 6th).

Featuring new track ‘We Contain Multitudes’, latest single ‘Back To The Sky’, and friends and collaborators Bonobo, Josin & JFDR.

Ólafur Arnalds is one of the most influential musicians of modern times: a multi-faceted talent, who has paved the way across the electronic and classical worlds. His latest album, ‘some kind of peace’, nonetheless has the feel of a brand new chapter for Ólafur. Within, you'll find a self-confessed perfectionist grappling with the messier realities of everyday life: the possibilities of love, of settling down, and how to navigate all of that during a global pandemic (the album was half-written prior to lockdown, and completed at Arnalds' harbour studio in downtown Reykjavik). What's emerged on 'some kind of peace' is a record about letting your guard down, and ultimately what it means to be alive.