The Lilac Time - Dance Till The Stars Come Down

The Lilac Time - Dance Till The Stars Come Down

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Available 21st July 2023.

The Lilac Time are original members Nick and Stephen Duffy, with Claire Duffy who joined in 1999 and helped out immeasurably here by Ben Peeler. John Paterno returns to mix and master as he has done since No Sad Songs of 2015.

Without conventional drums or bass their fondness for country and folk hues are clearer. These are unequivocally and absolutely the best songs Stephen Duffy has ever written in his twenty or so long playing album career. The first single release is "A Makeshift Raft". A song that asks if those seeking freedom need drown, then ponders the inevitability of continuous wars. It praises the America of Allen Ginsberg before a few bars of yodelling. It ends by eulogises fingers, guitars and songs of love. Something for everyone then.

They love being who they are and they love this album and they hope you will find time to dance till all the stars come down with them.